Sid appreciates working with founders and start-up investors, and finds the mix of new technology, ideas and purposeful passion intoxicating.  He regularly advises founders on incorporation, fundraising, governance and business matters.  He partners with founder clients, brainstorms with them at any time of day (understanding that discovery or epiphany doesn’t occur solely between the hours of 9 and 5), and counsels with goals in mind.  Sid leverages his work with institutional investors to advise founders on how best to position their company (from a legal and business perspective) for fundraising and thereafter to the market. He’s represented founders in businesses ranging from an on-line music sharing portal, to a B2C service provider aggregator, to a digital content provider focusing in sports.  He can’t wait to help future founders realize their dreams.

He also works with VC funds, other institutional investors, and high-net-worth individuals to deploy capital into technologies ranging from those that serve the backbone of the internet and ecommerce, to those at the forefront of it.  He’s also assisted institutional investors with making socially responsible investments, including in a Ghanaian beauty products cooperative, a manufacturer of a non-surgical circumcision device intended to stem the spread of STDs in emerging countries, and the first Kenyan national automobile manufacturer.  Sid’s work with founders has helped his clients bridge institutional expectations of control, valuation and development with founders’ wishes on the same matters to bring deals together.

When Sid is not in the office, he’s spending time with his two kids and wife (who remains too good for him), cheering on the Mets, and searching for lost golf balls from his errant tee shots.