Getting things done.  Having worked with entrepreneurs for his entire career, Jeff has learned that successful entrepreneurs just get things done, and that’s what he helps them do.  The focus of each client engagement is how can they accomplish the objective, not why they can’t.

Jeff has extensive experience representing both founders and investors in venture capital and financing transactions.  He helps his clients address a wide range of venture issues, including creating optimal structures, allocating control between management and investors, structuring anti-dilution protection, and providing for exit strategies, including “take-along” rights, redemption rights and “put” mechanisms.

Jeff also has extensive experience representing companies and underwriters in a wide variety of public and private securities offerings, including IPOs, Rule 144A/Regulation S placements, PIPEs, and publicly registered debt and rights offerings.  Additionally, his practice includes numerous merger and acquisition engagements for both public and private companies, and structuring and negotiating strategic alliances and joint ventures.

When Jeff is not helping clients get things done, he likes to cycle, sail, ski and play racquet sports.  He also enjoys hiking and has assisted in conservation efforts for local woodlands.