Aron solves problems and helps his clients avoid future ones.  Young companies face a range of out-of-the-ordinary issues, and unfortunately at that size, nearly any problem can become a “bet the company” issue.  Companies and their founders need help in figuring out which paths forward will help them achieve their plans.

Aron has experience with a wide variety of financing and corporate governance matters.  As companies seek to raise funds to grow, he helps them with different fundraising avenues and negotiations with their various stakeholders, aligning the different parties in a common direction. Aron is always available to his clients and recognizes that for younger companies, no problem is a “small” one.  Clients need their attorneys to be creative in solving problems, while maintaining high standards of ethics and preserving both the client’s and attorney’s reputations.

When Aron is not hard at work for his clients, he stays grounded by focusing on his family and friends. He believes in commitment to work, but knows that you also need to be able to step outside of work and get perspective.  Perspective can give you a fresh insight into a problem and a new way forward.