The Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement allows the Company to issue stock to a recipient, typically a founder, subject to certain restrictions until the shares vest. The vesting period can be met by the passage of time or by certain performance milestones.  However, such shares are fully issued at the time of the grant and there is no exercise period.  This document also includes a Section 83(b) Election to report to the Internal Revenue Service on income on restricted stock during the year that such stock is granted to the recipient, which may be tax-advantageous to the recipient. The Technology Assignment Agreement ensures that all work or inventions produced by the recipient while working for the corporation belongs to the corporation and not to such individual recipient.  The Stock Assignment Separate from Certificate allows a recipient to transfer such recipient’s stock to a third party.  Also attached is the Stockholder Consent to Receive Electronic Communications which provides consent by the stockholder to receive electronic communications from the corporation.